RC day 4


RC Mini 7, 2020

I spent a lot of the day trying to understand how quine-central works. I think I got there! I published a post explaining how the programs generated by quine-central work and I’ve started one that summarizes how quine-central generates them.

Along the way I made a few small improvements to my blog-generating software. I decided I much preferred the blogchain navigation I’d added over simply linking to a page with all posts under a tag, so I converted all posts with tags to use the former. (See the “RC Mini 7, 2020” above this post for an example.)

In the morning I had another coffee chat and one last discussion about code review, then started synthesizing the feedback from all those discussions. I hope to present my findings at the technical talks at the end of the day tomorrow.

Finally, I paired again on cssc. We added support for reducing one species of multi-term calc expression, ones like calc(100% - 10px - 10px) that have multiple terms with the same units next to each other. We might pair again tomorrow to get cssc to handle expressions like calc(100px - 10% - 10px) where the terms with the same units are separated.

Tomorrow I’ll also pair on Literate Diffs, work on a tech talk, and wrap up that second blog post on quine-central. It’s hard to believe tomorrow’s the last day of my batch. I’m going to get as much as I can out of my remaining time, then think about how I’d like to continue being a part in the RC community afterwards.